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Elk NMound, Wisconsin, United States
Reviewed: Feb 19, 2017
Property Manager
Everyone I have spoken or written to has been fantastic. So friendly and helpful. Like we've known each other always!!
Last year my only suggestion was to be able to return the key to a location in Oak Creek instead of having to take it back to West Sedona. WELL....this year we had a key pad to let ourselves in, and there is nothing to return!! YOU TOOK MY SUGGESTION!!!! And because we leave to go back to Wisconsin by going to the interstate south of Oak cuts a lot of travel off our last day! We are already booked for next year, and trying to figure out if we can get enough vacation time to add an additional week!
Callaway, US
Reviewed: Feb 5, 2017
Property Manager
Crene Lake , US
Reviewed: Feb 3, 2017
Property Manager
Everyone has been very helpful and friendly
Everything we had hoped for
Cobourg, CA
Reviewed: Jan 11, 2017
Property Manager
Oakland, CA, United States
Reviewed: Jan 6, 2017
Property Manager
Occasionally it took a long time to get a call back.
Phoenix, US
Reviewed: Jan 4, 2017
Property Manager
We loved the property for our annual New Years retreat. The house was very clean, well maintained, and offered all the supplies and amenities we needed. Unfortunately due to weather we had to cut our stay short one day. It had been raining all day/night and the only entrance to the neighborhood was flooded. A neighbor suggested we leave before we became stranded for days. He said the creek would become too high to cross with our vehicles and we could be there for several days waiting for it to go back down. For fear of this happening we packed up and had to Leave a day early. I wouldn't recommend staying here during a storm unless you have adequate supplies to stick it out. Other than that amazing location and a great place to stay!
Sedona , US
Reviewed: Jan 3, 2017
Property Manager
Both Kim and Sabina were very helpful and kind to get me into a property quickly and were very attentive with returning calls and answering questions
The property was absolutely beautiful. Such a blessing to spend the holidays with such a view of the mountains.
Salom , US
Reviewed: Jan 2, 2017
Property Manager
Phoenix, US
Reviewed: Dec 29, 2016
Property Manager
Lees Summit, US
Reviewed: Dec 26, 2016
Property Manager
The Foothills Rental staff was friendly and great about responding to any questions we had, especially those that came up in advance of us staying at the property.
The home was beautiful and we couldn't have asked for anything more perfect. It was a fantastic experience. Thank you!
Reviewed: Dec 26, 2016
Property Manager
We have stayed in the same property 3 years in a row because it is so comfortable and well-located. The property has needed occasional repairs while we're there, and Foothills has been very responsive to our concerns. Typically any issue is completely repaired within 24 hours, and the staff is always very friendly and willing to answer any questions.
We love the home on Rodeo Rd. It is a great place for two couples or for one couple and a friend. The beds are very comfortable and the home has everything you need for an extended stay. The views of the mountain are spectacular, but possibly even more wonderful is the lovely patio with plenty of wildlife and open vistas. The location is also perfect - with a nice quiet neighborhood near all the main shopping areas.
Edina, US
Reviewed: Dec 9, 2016
Property Manager
We stayed over the thanksgiving week and unfortunately needed after hours support on several occasions. The Foothills team was always available and able to resolve the problems quickly and were extremely helpful.
The photos did not do justice to the home we rented- it is a lovely newly updated home a few blocks from great hiking. It has a large open plan kitchen and living room that's great for entertaining a large group. We had a family of 7 adults- plenty of space. Nice patio and fenced private backyard too
Tucson , US
Reviewed: Dec 6, 2016
Property Manager
Portland, US
Reviewed: Dec 3, 2016
Property Manager
Moreno Valley, US
Reviewed: Dec 2, 2016
Property Manager
Murfreesboro, US
Reviewed: Nov 30, 2016
Property Manager
Copper S099 was the perfect place to stay - well maintained, very comfortable, well stocked kitchen, and in a quiet complex convenient to Oak Creek. The complex 9-hole golf course was just across the driveway, was well kept, fun to play, and made for a lovely walk each night. The only thing downside was theSleeper Sofa was not terribly comfortable to sit on while in the living area (would recommend two lazy boys). The beds were extremely comfortable with nice linens, a nice walk in closet, and clean bathrooms. We stayed a month in Copper S099 and highly recommend this townhouse! Thank you for such a nice accommodation at an awesome rate!
Poway, US
Reviewed: Nov 30, 2016
Property Manager
Everything was perfect...only two things to note: Master Bath Shower - water pressure was way to strong - could use a shower head to control to water flow. Master Bed was very very squeaky, but comfortable. Other than that - perfect!
Everything was perfect...only two things to note: Master Bath Shower - water pressure was way to strong - could use a shower head to control to water flow. Master Bed was very very squeaky, but comfortable. Other than that - perfect!
Reviewed: Nov 29, 2016
Property Manager
great people!
everything was great!
Dallas, US
Reviewed: Nov 17, 2016
Property Manager
Rocklin, California, United States
Reviewed: Nov 16, 2016
Property Manager
Each time I called into the office, the staff were always very helpful and polite. They seem to really want you to enjoy your vacation home, and it is nice to know they are there when you need them.
This property is a little hidden gem. Whilst the photos were nice, the house itself was even better and the decking and gardens were absolutely fantastic. Especially as there were steps down to the creek. The beds were very comfortable and the bathrooms were spacious and clean with lots of lovely towels too. Be sure to use the wonderful hot tub with fantastic views of Red Rock and have your breakfast outside on the deck or a nice wine at sunset. The coffee maker looked like it was brand new, but we couldn't find any coffee filter cones to use, so we went out and bought a large box for ourselves to use and future guests too. Be sure to come into the living room on sunrise, because there two beautiful colourful stained glass windows which reflect the colours onto a white wall and it is just stunning. Booking this property for our vacation was the best thing we could have done, we will most definitely return and stay for longer next time. We were sad to leave such a beautiful home .
DSL de Drummond, CA
Reviewed: Nov 5, 2016
Property Manager
Aurora, US
Reviewed: Nov 4, 2016
Property Manager
Sabina helped us with our stay. She went above and beyond to meet our needs.
Woodingille , US
Reviewed: Oct 29, 2016
Property Manager
Lovely location in walking distance to Red Rock Crossing Park. Very peaceful.
Shelbyville , US
Reviewed: Oct 27, 2016
Property Manager
Beautiful home
Lakewood, New York, United States
Reviewed: Oct 22, 2016
Property Manager
At the time Oct 2013 Daniel was excellent in everyway.
Loved the views absolutely breathtaking and the wildlife was nice too.
Monmouth Beach, US
Reviewed: Oct 18, 2016
Property Manager
The Foothills staff has always been knowledgeable and helpful (this was the fourth year in a row I've rented through Foothills for a total of about 18 rental months).
Property ( ZOCE-S018 )
The location, the pool and the tennis courts were a big plus. The size of the unit was fine for me. The carpet needs deep cleaning/replacement, the kitchen appliances were in need of replacement(especially the dish washer door). The lack of air conditioning during the summer months was problematic especially during August and some higher humidity days in other months as well.
Reviewed: Oct 16, 2016
Property Manager
The glass machine doesn't work. The wather canal from the top gallery have a little wather drop.! Everything else was excellent!! I loved the place!! Pacefull, quite and easy
Ann Arbor, US
Reviewed: Oct 11, 2016
Property Manager
Tucson, US
Reviewed: Oct 8, 2016
Property Manager
Kimberly was great to work with
Fuchu, JP
Reviewed: Sep 22, 2016
Property Manager
if there is would be much better
Glendale, US
Reviewed: Sep 8, 2016
Property Manager
It was perfect. The house was clean and very nice. The jacuzzi was awesome with great views. It would have just been nicer if there was more comfortable deck/patio furniture instead of just the metal chairs some cushions would have been nice. Otherwise great property.
Bismark, US
Reviewed: Sep 7, 2016
Property Manager
Russell, US
Reviewed: Sep 1, 2016
Property Manager
Sky Dancer was a truly beautiful property that will exceed your expectations. The view is breathtaking and surreal. It lives up to every photograph and more. Every detail within he home is beautiful and elegant. We stayed there with our immediate family for our wedding on the red rocks and could not have been happier. You would be crazy to stay at a hotel as opposed to staying with a few friends at this property. I recommend this property unconditionally.
Longmont, US
Reviewed: Aug 17, 2016
Property Manager
mesa, US
Reviewed: Aug 4, 2016
Property Manager
Kim was great
Halifax, CA
Reviewed: Aug 3, 2016
Property Manager
Rocksprings, US
Reviewed: Jul 30, 2016
Property Manager
Wister, US
Reviewed: Jul 22, 2016
Property Manager
San Diego , US
Reviewed: Jul 12, 2016
Property Manager
We loved the log cabin home as it was in a beautiful area of Oak Creek Canyon near Sedona. The new air conditioning units in the kitchen and loft area kept the log cabin at a nice cool temperature during the day. Thank you for the stay at the log cabin.
Phoenix, US
Reviewed: Jul 6, 2016
Property Manager
Louisville, US
Reviewed: Jul 4, 2016
Property Manager
San Francisco, US
Reviewed: Jun 23, 2016
Property Manager
The persons who I talked to were very friendly and responsive, I really liked the experience staying in Sedona.
The property is really nice, we all liked how clean it was, the location, its amenities, and overall the fantastic views of Sedona.
Bullhead City , US
Reviewed: Jun 22, 2016
Property Manager
Beautiful and location is great! We had a nice stay and were able to play family games and relax without the use of Intranet! Close to town and slide rock!
Bisbee, US
Reviewed: Jun 9, 2016
Property Manager
Fredenbeck, DE
Reviewed: Jun 3, 2016
Property Manager
Very Helpfull and Friendly
You feel at home,a wonderful house
Indio , US
Reviewed: Jun 2, 2016
Property Manager
Redmond, US
Reviewed: May 24, 2016
Property Manager
The members of your team were very professional and friendly. They took care of the paper work very fast and efficiently.
Loved the views of the red rocks.
Washington, US
Reviewed: May 23, 2016
Property Manager
Very nice place; just need simpler instructions for the hot tub.
Goodyear, US
Reviewed: May 20, 2016
Property Manager
Salt Lake City , US
Reviewed: May 19, 2016
Property Manager
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